Creating a personal mission statement: Part one

Like many of you I read various articles and viewpoints each week on various topics. Obviously, some are easier to connect with philosophically than others based on one inescapable maxim.  All of us at some level have a core set of beliefs that we not only believe, but promote through our writings. To many of us this is a given, but hold on just a minute.  Do you really understand the implications of this truism? Both you and I have the tendency, an unavoidable tendency, to state our beliefs expecting others to connect with us as writers, otherwise, we would be spending our time elsewhere. Whatever your genre, fiction or nonfiction, you have a desired outcome for your efforts.  Admittedly, there are some of us who just need to get it out there due to the boiling nature of being heard.  I can definitely relate. While gaining readers who believe as you do is at many levels desirable, it really becomes socially circular. Meaning you never really affect audiences that could benefit from your thoughts if you remain within your own circles.

       This becomes a valuable purpose to define your personal philosophy or worldview. If your intent with your writing is to just state your opinion and stay within the confines of your social circle you may be limiting yourself. If you just want to emote, and let it go at that, so be it. The writing process becomes very narrow at this point. It may make you feel better, but what of your readers. Let’s assume that you are willing to not only think outside the box, but actually write outside the box. Wouldn’t understanding where the thought processes or origins of your writing emanate from matter? These were the roads I had to go down before I started posting. So, as a newbie here is the tough question: who am I and what do I stand for or believe?

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